WiseType is a small independant type foundry supplying a range of commercial digital fonts. It was found- ed in 2019 by Jacob Wise as a platform to distribute his own typefaces. The foundry is currently based in Rotterdam, NL. WiseType is now keen to expand it's type catalogue and collaborators so feel free to get in touch:

Lambertusstraat 49b
3061 WD
Rotterdam NL

VAT: NL002516727B97

Typeface Trials

We currently use the web application ‘Fonts Ninja' to distribute trials safely and securely. You can download a free trial to the app which allows you to instantly sync the whole WiseType catalogue for use within your desktop publishing software (indesign, illustrator, photoshop etc). Once the application is installed and opened, search “WiseType” to locate the collection, then click ‘activate’ to automatically sync to your desktop.

Please note that the trials are exclusively for testing and therefore provide a limited glyph set as well as prohibiting file exports. If you encounter any issues, please get in touch: Download links to the Fonts Ninja web application can be found below:

Mac OS:

Windows (still in beta): for windows

Desktop Licensing

The Desktop License is by far our most commonly purchased license. This is the license you'll need to design branding, logos, publications, posters, t-shirts etc. You can also design static images (jpg, png, gif) for use online with the desktop license – you do not need a Webfont license for this.

The Desktop license is priced according to the number of users that will be using the typeface. Discounts are applied when licensing for more than 2 users. The number of users purchased must equal or exceed your requirements. A user cannot be shared between multiple people or devices.

Web Licensing

Our WebFont licenses are based upon the number of views you expect your website to have on average within a monthly period. The scaled options are designed to suit all of our customers from students to global corporations.

Our WebFont license files include WOFF, EOT & TTF and are hinted for web usage. A basic CSS file is included with your license. WOFF2 is coming soon, until then they can be requested post purchase, just send us an email with your order number.

App Licensing

If you're making an application for mobile devices (Apple iOS & Android for example) you will need to purchase this license. Please select your license according to the number of apps you plan to produce. The same app tile on different opperating systems can use the same license. Sequels or updates do not need an additonal license if the title of the App does not change.